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Apostille Certificate Attestation for abroad

Kuwait Embassy Attestation Service Delhi

Kuwait Embassy Attestation needed when a person want to enter in to Kuwait for Job, residence or education purpose. Kuwait visa applicant’s educational or non-educational documents required to be attested by Kuwait Embassy New Delhi India. Apostile or Attestation of documents from Kuwait Embassy New Delhi is important before leaving India to Kuwait for any of the purpose mentioned above. There is an apostile and attestation procedure to be followed in order to get your documents attest from Kuwait Embassy New Delhi.

Trust Attestation is one of the leading Embassy Attestation service provider from Kuwait Embassy situated at Delhi. Embassy of Kuwait, New Delhi has recognized Trust Attestation as genuine HRD, MEA and Embassy Attestation provider. All types of documents Educational, Non-educational and Commercial document to be used in Kuwait have to be attested from Kuwait Embassy in Delhi.

HRD, MEA for Kuwait Embassy Certificate Attestation

Kuwait Embassy Attestation is non-Apostle authentication. Kuwait Embassy Attestation is done after verifying the genuineness of documents. It can be done after obtaining a statement by the issuer of the document that verifies its authenticity. Degree Certificate Attestation from Kuwait Embassy is Important if someone is applying for job in Kuwait.

Trust Attestation is a professionally managed & well established to provide help for its client in Kuwait Embassy Attestation. Trust Attestation is specialized in the field of Certificate Attestation/Legalization of Personal, Educational and Commercial documents from different departments of Governments India and Embassies and Foreign Diplomatic Missions established in India. Trust Attestation is also specialized and provide Arabic Language Translation and Visa processing services for Kuwait.

Attestation and Apostille of Documents

There are at present more than 75 member Countries that are a part of the Hague convention for Apostle Attestation of documents, and many other countries will join the Apostille Section, Hague Convention, in the future so that these countries are capable to identify the Apostille for the easy international legalization of documents and educational certificates. The Apostille is only enforced to public documents and is signed by an official who is linked with a tribunal or court of the State (this contains all documents and papers that are issued by a public prosecutor, an administrative, sectarian, or constitutional, tribunal or court, a process-server or a clerk). Notaries acts, administrative documents and papers, official certificates that are placed on documents which are endorsed by people in their private competence, the likes of official paper which record the registration of a document or the fact that it had been in real on a certain date. Apostile can be done on all type of paper, i.e. Adoption Deed, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Decrees issued by court, Diploma from college, Manuscripts, Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Corporate Documents, Identity documents and/or Passports, Registered Wills and agreements, Bill of Sale, Deed, Proof of Ownership, Private Documents etc.

Degrees and Certificates HRD Attestation

Attestation of certificates by HRD Attestation – Educational Documents, Degrees and Certificates attestation by HRD is the process of Apostile authentication of educational documents in India. Each state of India have separate HRD Apostile and authentication center for documents obtained from the educational institutes located within its boundaries. If you want your educational document degrees and certificates needs to get apostile or attest from ministry of external affairs, then it should be first authenticated from that respective state HRD Department where university / Board / council is located from and from where the same document have issued.

We at Trust attestation offering the services of HRD Attestation in following States

Documents Apostile Authentication Home Department in India

Home department Apostile Authentication – Apostile and authentication of personal document will be done by home department of each state. If you needs your personal document to be attest from ministry of external affairs New Delhi, then documents should be first apostile or authenticated from respective state Home department, where same document have originated.

We at Trust Attestation offering the services of home department Attestation for following States

Certificate Authentication Centres

We have five documents authentication centers functioning in Delhi, Ahemdabad, Pune, Luckhnow and Mumbai under Trust Attestation Centre New Delhi for the authentication of the educational certificates. Authentication Officers from respective states of the Education Department are authenticating the educational certificates and Degrees. Then Apostilled or authenticated certificates are forwarded to the head office located at New Delhi for attestation from MEA and the Embassy. At present Trust Attestation is submitting the degrees, certificates and other documents in the Embassies of UAE, KSA and Kuwait for attestation as per the requirements of the candidate.

Apostille Attestation Govt of India

Apart from the Human Resource Department and Ministry of Eternal Affairs and respective country Embassy attestations Trust Attestation has started the Apostille attestation service. We work as per the treaty of the Hague Conference for member countries, the Apostille and attestation of Degrees and educational certificates by their concerned Embassies or High Commissions are not required, the Hague Convention treaty member countries accept the Apostille done by any member country. The Officials of the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi, India shall Attest and Apostille the Degrees, Certificates and any other documents for use in member countries abroad. This Apostille service can get through the Regional offices at Delhi, Ahemdabad, Pune, Luckhnow and Mumbai under Trust Attestation Centre New Delhi in forwarding the certificates to Ministry of External Affairs for obtaining Apostille attestation.

Being India is a member of the Hague Convention abolished the requirement of legalization and apostille of foreign public documents. Apostille of degrees, educational certificates and other public documents are acceptable in 98 member countries of the Hague Convention and is issued for personal documents (birth/ death/ marriage certificates, affidavits, power of attorney etc) and educational documents (degree/ diploma/ matriculation and secondary level certificates etc). Procedure for Apostille Attestation Govt of India. All Degrees, Educational Certificates and other public documents requiring attestation or Apostille should be first authenticated by the State authorities from where the document has been originated. In case of personal documents, respective states home department has the designated authority to attest the documents. In case of educational degrees, certificates and other documents should first be authenticated by State HRD.

Certificate Attestation Service

Trust Attestation Service (Bahrain Embassy Attestation) is a company that provides all types of attestation services for UAE (Educational/Non-education and Commercial) & Apostille of documents for Kuwait Visa Stamping by the Indian authorities and the foreign diplomatic Missions. We are also engage in preparing, both on-line & off-line, various types of visa services for submission to all foreign Embassies / High Commissions / Consulates in India and abroad.

Certificate Attestation for UAE

The United Arab Emirate UAE requires all Degrees and educational certificates, issued in India to be attested by the Ministry of HRD govt. of India, Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi then UAE Embassy in New Delhi.

All Personal/Non Educational certificates like marriage certificate, power of attorney, and birth certificate have to be pre authenticated first from concerned state home department. Usually personal certificates attestation is done by Home department of states which issued the it. After the Home Department Attestation, it required Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi then UAE Embassy provide Attestation.

All Educational degrees and certificates have to be first stamped and authenticated Department of Human Resource Development. Usually HRD certificate attestation is done by states itself where degree or certificate issued. After the HRD Attestation of degrees and certificates, it is required that Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi then UAE Embassy provides Attestation.

Apostille or Certificate Attestation from MeA

Trust Attestation is providing Apostille and Attestation Services in India for the educational degrees and certificates issued from Indian educational institutes and universities. We provide Certificate Attestation and Apostille on educational certificates from Foreign Ministry of India. We are providing document attestation services since last 10 years, so we have vast experience for arranging Apostille certificates from HRD and MOFA. We guarentees each document will be treated correctly based on the way it is presented, signed or stamped acceptence in the country you intend to present it. We ensure that documents of our clients should be processed timely and efficiently. The document authentication and legalization process is very frustrating time consuming and expensive.

The Ministry of External Affairs attests original documents//true copies of documents. Attestation on documents done by the Ministry of External Affairsas per the Hague Convention which abolished the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents. Apostille done by Ministry of External Affairs is acceptable in 105 member-countries of the Hague Convention. Apostille or Attestation of documents from Ministry of External Affairs is done for personal documents like birth/death/marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc. and educational documents like degree, diploma, matriculation and secondary level certificates etc.

Apostille Certificate Attestation for abroad
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