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Apostille Certificate Attestation for abroad

Saudia Arabia Visa Stamping

Contact Trust Attestation for their visit to Saudia Arabia under various category of visas, we advice and guide our clients how to complete all required formalities to get desired visa for Saudia Arabia. We also help our client to become an eligible visa applicant if they does not fulfill the criteria. Our rates of Visa stamping services are quite affordable in comparision to others. We have hepled thousands of our clients in Document attestation and Visa stamping for jobs in the Gulf countries and Saudia Arabia. In brief Trust Attestation is known for its authenticity, rates, and prompt service so, it will be our pleasure if you give us a chance to get your educational and other documents for attestation along with visa stamping for Gulf.

EMPLOYMENT VISA STAMPING (need the following documents)-

  1. Professional Certificate(Attested HRD,MEA & Saudia Arabia Embassy)
  2. Original Visa Slip
  3. Sponsor ID
  4. Original Passport
  5. Medical
  6. 8 Photographs(White Background-4/6 cm)

Commercial Visit Visa:

  1. Electronic invitation letter sent by Saudia Arabia Company through Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Saudia Arabia Visa form, two white background photographs.
  3. Indian Company Covering Letter request for the issuance of Saudia Arabia visa, stating nature of business along with Saudia Arabia Company address and telephone number.
  4. A recommendation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce stating nature of business of the Indian Company.
  5. MOFA number is your visa number and it is issued by Ministiry (Mandatory)

Documents prove business relation between the two (Saudi & Indian) companies like agreement, invoice of the consignment sent to the invite co. etc.

Business Visit Visa:

  1. Visit slips.(Business Visa approval no. issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  2. Covering Letter for purpose of Visit to Saudia Arabia
  3. Saudia Arabia visa Form with 2 white background photographs.
  4. A recommendation letter from chamber of commerce.
  5. Degree or certificate in case of technical categories, like Engineer, Consultant, Programmer system analyst or any other technical category Attested from HRD and apostile by MEA and attestation by Saudia Arabia embassy in Mumbai and New Delhi.
  6. MOFA number is your visa number and it is issued by Ministiry (Mandatory)

Family Visit Visa(Required documents) –

  1. Visa Slip
  2. 2 White background photographs
  3. Marriage certificate for wife & birth certificate for children
  4. MOFA number is your visa number and it is issued by Ministiry (Mandatory)
Residence Visa(Required documents) –
  1. Saudi Visa Slip
  2. Saudi Visa form to be filled up
  3. 2 white background photographs
  4. Marriage Certificate(for spouse)
  5. Birth Certificate (for Children)
  6. Medical certificate
  7. Recent Vaccination certificate for children below 15 years & medical certificate above 15 years
  8. MOFA number is your visa number and it is issued by Ministiry (Mandatory)
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